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Why Update A Will?

Updating a will Banbury is important to ensure that your wishes reflect any changes in your life, such as marriage, divorce, births, or changes in assets. By regularly reviewing and updating your will, you can ensure that your loved ones are provided for.

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Why Updating A Will Banbury is Crucial

Writing a will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your loved ones and ensure that your assets go to the right place after you pass. However, simply writing a will is not enough. 

Life is unpredictable and circumstances can change, often requiring updates to your will. At Trusted Will writing this many years experience we will go through why it is so important to update a will.

Your assets may have changed

Over time, your assets may grow or shrink, and you may acquire new ones or get rid of old ones. Whether it’s purchasing a new home, selling a business, or inheriting money from a family member, these changes can considerably impact your estate’s value. If your will reflects outdated information, it may not accurately reflect your wishes or adequately provide for your beneficiaries.
To keep your will up to date, it’s important to review it regularly, ideally every few years. When reviewing your will, consider any significant changes to your assets and ensure that they’re reflected in your document. 

This will ensure that your loved ones receive what you intended, rather than facing legal battles or complications.

Changes in your family status

Another reason updating a will Banbury is crucial is a change in your family status. Whether it’s getting married, divorced, or starting a family, these life events can significantly impact your will. 

It’s important to review your will after any significant changes to your family status, to ensure that it accurately reflects your current wishes.
For example, if you have a child, you may want to add them to your will as a beneficiary or appoint a guardian in case you pass away before they reach adulthood. 

Similarly, if you divorce, you may want to remove any references to your ex-spouse or update your beneficiaries to reflect your new circumstances.

Changes in your health

Our health status can impact your will, especially if you become critically ill or incapacitated. In such cases, it’s important to ensure that your will accurately reflects your wishes. For example, you may want to appoint a healthcare proxy who can make medical decisions on your behalf, or establish a power of attorney who can manage your finances.

Additionally, if you have a terminal illness, you may want to consider creating a living will or advanced directive. These documents provide specific guidance to your loved ones and healthcare providers about your end-of-life wishes, such as whether or not you want to be kept on life support or resuscitated.

How to update your will

Updating a will Banbury is a relatively straightforward process, but it’s important to follow the correct steps to ensure that it’s done correctly. First, review your current will and determine what changes you want to make. Once you’ve made your changes, print out a new copy of your will and sign it in the presence of witnesses.
If your changes are significant, you may want to consult with an estate planning attorney to ensure that your new will is legally valid. Under no circumstances should you alter an existing will by crossing out or writing in new provisions. This can void the entire document and result in legal complications.

What happens if you forget to update a will

If you forget to update your will, it could cause confusion and difficulty for your loved ones after your passing. Outdated information or instructions could lead to unnecessary legal battles, causing undue stress for your loved ones.

 If you forget to make changes in your will, your assets could be distributed according to the outdated instructions, despite changes in laws or financial circumstances. For instance, if you had a family member that passed away, or if you bought or sold property, it’s crucial to update your will to reflect these changes.

Your beneficiaries may be different.

Another reason why it’s crucial to keep updating a will Banbury is that your beneficiaries may have changed. Over time, relationships can shift, children are born and marriages or divorces occur, all of which can impact your wishes. 

If you don’t update your will, your assets could be distributed to someone who is no longer a part of your life, or to a child you’ve had since you made the original will.

Your executor may no longer be able to act.

If you forget to update your will, it’s possible the executor you named is no longer eligible to act. This could happen if your executor has passed away, or if they are no longer mentally or physically able to manage your estate. Failing to update your will could cause delays in the distribution of your assets or lead to disputes over who should manage your estate.

Your will may be deemed invalid.

If your will is deemed invalid, it could result in your assets being distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which means that the courts will determine how your assets are divided. 

This could result in your assets being divided differently than your wishes. For example, if you executed your will before getting married, but failed to update it after, your spouse may not receive the share you intended, or they may not receive anything at all. Dont let this happen call trusted will writing today.

Updating A will Banbury with Trusted Will Writing


Updating a will Banbury is a vital part of estate planning. It’s important to review and update your will periodically and ensure that everything is current

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Life circumstances change, and so do our wishes. Keeping your will up-to-date ensures that your assets are distributed according to your current wishes and the laws that govern them..

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