Flexible Life Interest Trusts Banbury

A flexible life trust is an irrevocable trust designed to meet the grantor’s unique needs. It offers flexibility in asset disposal, beneficiaries, and investment management.

It enhances protection from creditors and adversaries, enabling asset allocation outside the grantor’s estate. The trust provides tax advantages, asset protection, and greater control over distribution.

What Is A Flexible Life Interest Trust Banbury?

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discretionary trusts

In the following passage, we will outline the purpose and benefits of including a Flexible Life Interest Trust (FLIT) in your will.

By incorporating this trust, you can achieve peace of mind, particularly if you possess substantial investments, assets, or property.

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The purpose of the FLTI is to safeguard the value of these assets for the intended beneficiaries upon your passing.

Typically, this includes your spouse or partner, as well as your children, ensuring their financial security for the future.

Why is it flexible?

The unique flexibility of this arrangement lies in the remarkable ability of all the trustees mentioned in the will to readily offer financial assistance to the surviving individual when needed, whether from the principal or the generated income. This ensures the utmost support and security for the beneficiary, providing peace of mind during challenging times.


The primary intention of the trust, however, is to safeguard the spouse or partner left behind, ensuring their financial security throughout their lifetime. Regular payments, which are unaffected by changes in tax status, are extended to them as a gift.

In the event of the passing of the surviving partner or spouse, any remaining capital is automatically transferred to their children or other designated beneficiaries.

How The Flexible Life Interest Trust Banbury Works?

Trustees possess the authority to grant capital to the surviving beneficiary whenever it is deemed necessary. Moreover, in instances where care home support is needed, the capital provided does not require repayment. Furthermore, trustees are able to distribute capital directly to designated individuals, including children or beneficiaries stated in the will. This ensures the allocation of resources aligns with the specific wishes outlined in the will, resulting in a tailored and impactful distribution of assets.


This allocation can even be carried out if the partner or spouse mentioned in the will is alive but residing in a care home.

Furthermore, if it proves financially advantageous for the survivor or beneficiaries, it is possible to convert part or all of the trust into another trust fund.

Rest assured, there are various trust options available to meet different needs.

So What Are Main Benefits Of The Flexible Life Interest Trust Banbury?

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This includes financial assets and properties, as well as the ability to nominate someone who can benefit from investments made after your passing.

The primary benefit of having a will is the power it gives you to determine the distribution of your financial resources. Instead of leaving these decisions to the government, you retain authority over how your assets are handled.

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Without a will, the fate of your assets rests in the hands of external parties.

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A will serves three main functions: 

Firstly, it allows you to appoint executors who will responsibly handle your financial matters after your passing. Choose a trusted friend or family member for this vital role.

Secondly, a will enables you to clearly define how your estate will be distributed among your loved ones, ensuring your wishes are carried out accordingly.

Finally, by having a will, you can mitigate inheritance tax concerns. Without a will, strict regulations dictate the division of your estate, potentially leading to unforeseen complications.

It’s important to acknowledge that there are some disadvantages to not having a will. Without one, your assets may not be allocated according to your desires.

Additionally, the amount of money left behind may not be sufficient to cover inheritance tax obligations.

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